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Hello LGBT Community! My name Brodi. Perhaps the inevitability of ones’ calling is to ultimately give back to ones’ own community. Now, 61, I first came out at 19 yrs. old, relieved, my heart finally had found home. Something warm and cozy about this close-knit club, different than the norm, and quite intriguing to onlookers who pondered its origin. The ‘psychic’ community possesses similar contemplative questions regarding origin, as well as its inherent intrigue.

One of my favorite quotes:

“If the path before you is clear, you are
probably on someone else’s.”
- Joseph Campbell

My first recollection of my empathic abilities began in Junior high when my priority was helping my friends navigate their pain and suffering. I was keenly aware of a knowingness. I was able to direct my friends to navigate their relationships by intuitively reading them, as well as their crushes. These early experiences validated a new-found ability to verbalize what I know now as channeling. I accepted the gift. Learn More

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