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With over 28 years of experience, Brodi’s intuitive gifts span more than two decades, utilizing her insightful clairaudient and clairvoyant abilities while guiding clients toward emotional wholeness as a clinical hypnotherapist. Brodi’s specialties include but are not limited to Clairvoyant, Intuitive/Empath, and Love with a truly compassionate reading style. Brodi’s wise and informed reading style set her apart as she quickly gains insight into the depth of past, present, and future situations using dowsing, tarot and oracle cards.

Her innovative approach to teaching people to manage negative emotions, led to the birth of a simple 6 step self-dialoguing technique called Soul Walking. This helps individuals and couples in the areas of emotional reactivity, non-violent communication, goal setting, visualization and inner child work.

Brodi’s proficiency at identifying ways to lead people into their individual insight into the practical matters of everyday life make her an amazing emotional intuitive. Brodi’s gentle nature and kind spirit leaves one feeling as if they have visited with a close family friend.

You will love her sense of style, humor and her integrity. You will soon discover she is matchless in her ability to shed hope into your heart.

Brodi has over 500 customer endorsements and maintains a 5 star rating amongst her clients.

Words of Wisdom from Psychic Brodi: When you change the way you look at things…the things you look at change. — Dr. Wayne Dyer
Give Me A Call - Love To Meet You - Gay Psychic Readings Are One Of My Specialties
The psychic community and gay community do have something in common: Both communities have historically experienced prejudice from traditional religions and within numerous cultures. Both communities have suffered at various times from misunderstandings created by ‘scientific’ concepts. Fortunately, 'the times, they are a changing...’. Over time and through the challenges I have grown in compassion and feel spiritually empowered to simply be who I am. If I can utilize my unique gifts to better the lives of others, gay or straight, I am grateful.

I am clairaudient and clairvoyant (meaning I can hear my spirit guide and catch visual images akin to visions of things, people, events, places). These psychic gifts have come naturally to me since childhood and I have spent a life time learning to enhance and perfect my skills. Both my mother and grandmother possessed similar gifts and I am so grateful they were able to help me appreciate and develop my talents.

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Welcome back! I look forward to talking to you again. Check with support for special offers for our repeat clients and callers. Just for you to help keep psychic gay readings affordable.

I am here to help you find the insights and answers you that can lead you to making the best decisions to help you lead a successful, joyful life. With finely tuned clairvoyance, I can advise you with relationship issues, career moves, and with the help of trusted spirit guides, even contact those who have moved beyond this world. Perhaps pass along messages from your own guardian spirits.

I know that with love, all things are possible. This is why I find providing love readings and providing guidance regarding matters of the heart particularly satisfying. I have seen it countless times in both straight and psychic gay readings: When the heart opens and finds true connection, when the issues clouding our compassion are swept away, all things seem brighter. All things seem possible.

Whatever your questions or issues, I am ready to put my professional talents to use for your benefit. You are entitled to love, happiness and abundance. As a psychic consultant, I am committed to helping clients and callers get the answers they need to achieve a fulfilling life. I am currently making more time available to help more callers and clients. I am grateful for all my clients, having the honor to be of service. Providing psychic readings for those in LGBT community carries a special pride since it is a community I am proud to be a part of.

Together, let us get the answers you need to heal, grow and get you on the path to fulfill your dreams. There are no questions or issues that are too small or to large. You are not alone. Give me a call. I really do look forward to meeting you.

I'm listed at (see my bio Here) and work through Psychic Source, a company providing phone access to quality psychics since 1985. Because of their excellent phone services you can call anytime and there is NO CHARGE to get questions answered about appointments, services, privacy and other related issues. Billing for readings will always be up to you. It will be your choice if and when you have a personal reading. And, all readings come with a satisfaction guarantee ... you appreciate your last reading or it is free

1-866-407-7164   Brodi's Ext:   7563
(Toll Free Call For USA And Canada)

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